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Avon Green Goddess Facial Oil

If you have troubled skin that is dry, sensitive, depleted, or fatigued then you need Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil! This is the solution that soothes! It will visibly reduce redness, soothe skin irritation, balance oil, and also prevent dryness.

green goddess facial oil

Revitalize your skin! Green Goddess! Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil is a topical oil with 100mg of CBD and other plant-based ingredients. Its nutrient-enriched formula provides a calm and relieving feeling, making it the refreshing last step to both your morning and nighttime skincare routines.

Avon’s CBD

Avon’s CBD is clean, green and serene. This THC-free, non-GMO CBD is sustainably sourced from domestically grown hemp and Avon uses the entire hemp plant in this product (stalk, seeds, stem, leaves, flowers) – so no part go to waste.

FYI, our collection does NOT contain THC. The only high you’ll get is knowing your skin feels cool, calm and collected.

Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil Benefits

  •  Green Goddess is a dry oil for easy absorption
  • It’s suitable for sensitive skin
  • Reduces redness and helps soothe irritation
  • Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E
  • Ultra-pure and sustainably sourced
  • Fragrance-free
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist-tested

Green Goddess Key Ingredients

Avon’s Green Goddess is formulated with 99% natural ingredients.

  • CBD – This super ingredient contains vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids. We use an exclusive extraction and purification method to preserve all the good stuff.
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and amino acids that help visibly reduce redness and skin discomfort.
  • Turmeric – Contains antioxidants and helps visibly reduce skin irritation and redness. It’s known as an adaptogen, a special kind of plant extract that helps skin resist the damaging effects of stressors.
  • Squalane Oil (from sugarcane) – Replenishes moisture and helps stabilize the skin’s natural barrier for a smooth, soft look.
  • Jojoba Oil – Contains antioxidants and helps fight the effects of skin’s exposure to bacteria.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil – Pressed from the seeds of a sunflower, it leaves skin feeling soft and protected.

To Use Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil

In the morning and evening gently massage 4–6 drops of the oil onto face after cleansing and applying any other serums and/or treatments. You may choose to apply a cream or gel moisturizer before the CBD oil if you have extra dry skin.

In the morning, follow with sunscreen as the last step – I recommend Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense SPF 50.

* For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. And for hygienic purposes, it is recommended to hold the dropper away from the skin.


Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil has a regular price of $50. Click here to check the current price and see if any special offers are available.


Green Goddess currently has 113 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.

5 Star – Others Noticed – “I used Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir at night immediately followed by the Green Goddess Facial Oil. Went to bed and woke up with a very hydrated fresh look. I had 3 different people through the day mention my face looking so good and wanted to know what I did. I noticed a difference immediately when adding Green Goddess to my Dual Elixir routine.”

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To see the ingredient list for Avon’s Green Goddess Facial Oil click here.

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