Protect Your Skin and Fight the Aging Effects of Pollution

Anew Neutralize Anti Pollution will Protect Your Skin and Fight the Aging Effects of Pollution!

Did you know? Pollution ages the look of your skin faster than time alone. Scary, huh? No need to worry! Now you can protect your skin and fight the aging effects of pollution with Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Skincare!

Anew Neutralize Anti Pollution

Why Use Anti-Pollution Skincare?

The Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Skincare Collection will protect your skin with an invisible shield. So it will help your skin stay looking healthy, fresh, and youthful. When you use these products your skin can be 4X more resistant to pollution like dirt, dust, smoke and smog! This is so important because these pollutants can contribute to the look of dull skin, clogged pores, age spots, and wrinkles.

Don’t think you’re safe because you don’t live in a big city. Pollution is found everywhere—even indoors. Everyone needs this anti-pollution squad that is designed to bean invisible shield of protection!

What is in this Collection?

There are 3 products in the Anti Pollution Skincare Collection

  1. Serum – Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Serum
  2. Mask Stick – Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask Stick
  3. Pore Strips – Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Charcoal Pore Strips

1. Neutralize Anti-Pollution Serum

Anew Neutralize AntiPollution Skincare

Anew Neutralize Anti-Pollution Serum

Don’t let stress show! This serum chills out your skin! With the help of adaptogens like matcha, ginger and amla to protect your skin against free radicals. But what are adaptogens exactly? Adaptogens are healing botanical extracts. They are used to help protect your body from environmental stressors as well as visible signs of pollution-induced aging. 9 out of 10 women agree the their skin looks healthier after just one week.*

2. Neutralize Anti-Pollution Charcoal Mask Stick

Anew Neutralize Anti Pollution skincare

Need a detox? This Mask Stick is a powerful combination of charcoal and kaolin clay. This powerful combo helps absorb toxins, oils and impurities like a sponge. When you use this your skin will be left looking freshly clean and gorgeously glowing!

3. Neutralize Anti-Pollution Charcoal Pore Strips

These purifying pore strips are enriched with the unclogging ingredient charcoal. Charcoal is known to draw out deep-down dirt like a magnet. Now you can gently and instantly remove pollutants from your pores. Then you will reveal fresh, clean and glowing skin. There are 6 nose strips included.

All the Anew Anti Pollution products will be available soon. Click on any photo to join the wait list!

Anew Anti Pollution FAQ

Q: What is pollution?
A: Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. There are many sources pollution. Outdoors pollution can come from vehicle emissions, industrial emissions, agricultural emissions, and even forest fires. The sources of indoor pollution can be gas stoves, bacteria, mold, allergens, flooring and cleaning products.

Q: Why is it important to protect your skin from pollution?
A: Pollution accelerates signs of aging in the skin. When pollutants pass through the skin, they irritate and dehydrate, which over time can damage skin and cause premature fine lines, as well as wrinkles and dark spots. Nobody wants that! Preserve your skin’s health by neutralizing all forms of pollutants while protecting it from further damage as well.

Q: What skin concerns does the Neutralize line address?
A: This anti-pollution skin care line targets clogged pores, irritation, dullness and dryness while neutralizing pollutants.

Q: What are the key ingredients in the Neutralize line?
A: Ginger and matcha are key ingredients. They are powerful antioxidants known for their ability to visibly reduce signs of pollution-induced aging. Another key ingredient is charcoal. It will detoxify and also purify the skin as it draws impurities out of your pores.

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