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25 Unique and Fun Ways to Use Perfume

There is so many other ways to use perfume, cologne, or other fragrances other than just spraying them on your pulse points! Here are 25 great ideas you can try to add variety to how you use and enjoy your fragrances.

Ways to Use Perfume
Ways to Use Perfume

Try Some of These!

  1. Spray on towel dry hair before combing or drying. It will last longer.
  2. Dab a few drops on light bulb and the scent will diffuse when the light is on.
  3. Use as a linen spray. The scent will lightly remain on the sheets.
  4. Spray on tights or panty hose.
  5. Spray ironing board before pressing clothes.
  6. Make your drawers smell nice by tucking in cotton balls spritzed with fragrance or spray on the drawer liners.
  7. Spray on the underside of unfinished wood and the scent will last for ages.
  8. Spritz on curtains to freshen a room.
  9. Spray on the underside of rugs.
  10. Make a scented lotion. Turn any lotion into a scented lotion with a few drops of your favorite perfume.
  11. Freshen your car. Put your fragrance in a refillable car freshener or make your own by spritzing cardboard, letting it dry and hanging it in your car.
  12. Spritz on lampshades and the warmth will spread the fragrance around the room when the lamp is turned on.
  13. Freshen your closet. Soak cotton balls in perfume, let them dry, and store them in a jewelry pouch. Hang it in your closet and all of your clothes will faintly smell like your favorite perfume!
  14. Make a diffuser. Turn an old fragrance into a scent diffuser by sticking regular wooden reeds in the bottle.
  15. Spray a hankie or piece of cloth, let dry and then tuck into your purse.
  16. Place your empty, opened bottles into drawers until all the scent has dissipated.
  17. Splash some fragrance in the rinse water of your linens or lingerie.
  18. Spray on heater vents to add a subtle scent to a room.
  19. Spritz your bra or hem of your skirt.
  20. Add a few drops of perfume to your bath water.
  21. Spray on the petals of artificial flowers.
  22. Freshen up your mattress with a quick spritz when you strip the bed.
  23. Use as a room spray.
  24. Spritz on unscented dryer sheet or handkerchief for gently scented laundry.
  25. Revive potpourri with a few spritzes of fragrance.


Try some of these with your favorite scent!

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