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Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation from The Face Shop.

Discover luxurious cushion makeup technology and get in on the cush life!

Welcome to the cush life. You’re going to love Avon’s The Face Shop Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation! It uses a luxurious cushion to deliver the perfect amount of foundation anytime, anywhere, and it also has an innovative, ultra-portable design that will never spill.

Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation
Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation

Avon x The Face Shop

If you love to follow beauty trends or try the latest in makeup or skincare then you’ll love luxing up your beauty routine with these trendy beauty products. They feature premium formulas and innovative ingredients!

What is Cushion Foundation?

The cushion makeup innovation features a unique, saturated, soft-textured sponge. This special sponge will release a controlled quantity of liquid foundation when applied to your face. This allows for an even application and a flawless, natural finish. A middle cap inside protects the foundation and will prevent it from drying out.

How does this cushion foundation work?

With cushion makeup the product is contained in a mesh cushion that is held in the compact. To apply you just press the poof into the sponge compact to soak up pigment, then apply to your face. You will get even coverage and a second-skin feel.

Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation’s unique, soft textured puff allows for lightweight, natural, and even application that will give you a smooth, natural matte finish.

This foundation has buildable medium to full coverage that will brighten and even skin tone. It has a lovely weightless, airy feel and will not cake. The no-spill compact with mirror is perfect for on the go too!

The exciting and special ingredient in the formula is niacinamide which visibly and instantly brightens and evens your skin tone!

How Cushion Makeup Was Developed

The first cushion product was launched in 2008. The idea came from a stamp that could be patted and pressed evenly to deliver liquid formulas. The cushion innovation sparked the booming trend in the Korean Beauty market with a variety of different formulas, finishes, and benefits in each cushion compact.

Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Shades

Find your match! Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation is available in 18 shades that are all exclusive to Avon! These shades available in Warm (W), Neutral (N) and Cool (C) tones.

Ink Lasting Foundation

How to Determine Your Skintone

Are you wondering if your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral? When choosing a foundation shade it’s important to know your skin tone. Here are some clues that will help you determine your skintone.

  • Warm – If your skin has peach, golden, or yellow undertones, and your veins are a green color then your skin is warm-toned.
  • Cool – If your skin has pink, red, or blueish undertones, and your veins are a blue color then your skin is cool-toned.
  • Neutral – If your skin jas a mix of warm and cool undertones then you have a neutral skin tone.

How to Use Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation

To use Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation first gently press puff into the cushion. Then tap cushion onto face to apply evenly where needed.

When the cushion starts to seem dry then you can flip the cushion with tweezers to extend the life of the product!


Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation has a regular price of $31 for the compact. Click here to check the current price and to see if any special offers are available.

*Made in Korea

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