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Shop Avon’s Latest Flyer, the Winter-Vention Flyer!

Shop Avon’s Latest Sales Flyer and Save on Beauty!

Browse and shop Avon’s latest sales flyer, Winter-Vention, now!

If you’re like most of us you love a good bargain, especially this time of year. Fortunately in Avon’s latest sales flyer you will get great beauty deals! This sales flyer is part of the current campaign, so just click the picture to go to the flyer and then you can shop page by page. Then you can just click on an item and add to your cart. Continue reading

Avon Cherished Memories Personalized Keepsake Charm Jewelry

Begin a beautiful tradition with Avon’s Cherished Memories keepsake charms and jewelry.

To start you can pick the Cherished Memories Starter Necklace or Starter Bracelet or both. The starters are made with silvertone snake chain and a charm with a clear stone.

Avon Cherished Memories Charm Jewelry

Avon Cherished Memories Charms, Necklace, and Bracelet

Then personalize it choosing the charms that are meaningful to you.

The charms currently available are –

There will be more charms released in the future, below are the ones currently available and those to be released in future campaigns.

Avon Cherished Memories Charms

Avon Cherished Memories Charms

The release dates are shown below.

Avon Cherished Memories Campaign Charm Release Schedule

Avon Cherished Memories Charm Release Dates

In addition to these you can look for more charms in Campaigns 15, 19, and 25!

Avon’s Cherished Memories keepsake charms and jewelry is new in Campaign 3 and the Cherished Memories Starter Necklace is priced at $9.99 and the Cherished Memories Starter Bracelet is priced at $7.99. The Avon Cherished Memories Love Spacer Charms, Avon Cherished Memories Love Charms, and Avon Cherished Memories Life Charms are priced at any 3 charms for $10.

Begin building your beautiful, personalized keepsake jewelry today.