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Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray Perfume

From Avon’s Classics Collection comes the timeless scent of Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray.

Odyssey Cologne Spray
Avon’s Odyssey Perfume

Send the senses on a journey of beauty with Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray. Cool tropical flowers blend perfectly with hints of magnolia and musk to get an unbeatable clean fragrance. Use this floral perfume any time to bathe in the fresh scents of muguet, ylang-ylang, and warm oak moss.

The notes of Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray are

  • Top Notes: jasmine, tuberose
  • Middle Notes: ylang-ylang
  • Bottom Notes: sandalwood, vetiver


Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray has a regular price of $18 for the 1.7 fl oz spray bottle. Click hereto check the current price and see if any special offers are available.


Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray currently has 179 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

5 Star – This Refreshing Scent Never Gets Old – “I use this product almost daily . It lifts my spirits and I smell sexy and refreshing all day without being overpowering”

5 Star – Love This Fragrance – “This is one of my favorite scents. It has become the fragrance that I wear to work because it is not overpowering, it smells so clean and soft. I get a lot of compliments.”

5 Star – Contemplative, Confident, Reserved – “”Odyssey” is one of Avon’s most unique fragrance offerings because it doesn’t really fall into the typical categories, it’s sort of its own creature: A hint woodsy, spare, with elegant florals and a mineral tone that makes me think of fresh water running over rocks.

“Odyssey” is a meditative, mineral-tinged, elegant floral that makes me think of standing on a cliff on a gray, damp day, wind whipping over moss and soaked, forest flowers. Then a hint of sunlight pokes through and you can smell the floral notes sweeten as the sun warms the raindrops. You can even smell a little creaminess coming from waxy, lily of the valley flowers heating in the sunshine. Sort of a chypre but softly soapy in a classic, floral way. Never too sweet or spicy but there is an almost cedar-like buzz of woods and a whisper of spice in the background. Like dusty, ancient spice that’s been drying out in a stone mortar for a really, long time. Refined, even patrician but perfect for casual wear. Streamlined, simple in composition but memorable and distinctive.

This is my signature because it’s such a versatile, interesting blend that’s memorable but not intrusive and it suits my reserved nature. My only complaint is a general complaint with trends in the beauty industry, overall and brands that abandon their heritage blends; every time I see a sale, I worry that “Avon” is jumping on board the “update” train and discontinuing one of their classic greats. Consumer advice: Don’t do this. I’m glad “Avon” brought back these classics for availability in an affordable form. So even if they don’t feel they’re worth investing in them at the higher price point level, I’m glad they respect their customers enough to keep them around in some quality form. If they keep “Odyssey” around, they’ve locked in my business for life.”

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The ingredients in Avon’s Odyssey Cologne Spray are –


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