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Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub

Don’t worry about hiding away bumpy skin. With Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub your skin will quickly be on its way to a healthy, flawless finish.

Avon's Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub
Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub

Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub will exfoliate and smooth to reduce the appearance of dryness, flaking and chicken bumps. It is formulated with an effective concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids to help smooth and resurface skin and jojoba and rice bran oil to moisturize.

Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub is suitable of keratosis pilaris prone skin and is fragrance free, dye free, and hypoallergenic.


Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub is on for $6.99 and has a regular price of $10 for the 6.7 fl. oz. tube. Click here to check the current price and see if any special offers are available.


Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub currently has 24 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

5 Star – Amazing Product – “I had horrible “chicken skin” on my upper arms due to keratosis pilaris. My mom bought this for me, and WOW. After a few applications, I already saw a difference. Now, after about a month of using it, my arms are clear! I had been looking for ways to clear it up, and this was the only thing that worked.”

5 Star – Avon Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub Is Amazing – “Moisture Therapy DERMA Restoring Body Scrub is an amazing product. I seldom write reviews, but after using this product only once I was so impressed with the results that I felt compelled to let AVON and others know of its superior performance – that far exceeded my expectations. After only one application the night before, I noticed the following morning that my skin – that is normally quite dry and bumpy – was not only noticeably smoother, but still felt incredibly silky and smooth! I have used many products that have provided only short term, temporary relief, needed to be reapplied every few hours and have not come close to the superior performance of this one that truly has healed my skin. Thank you so much, Avon, for developing this amazing exfoliant.”

5 Star – Love It – “Love this scrub! I use it on my upper arms. It is very exfoliating. Scent-free. Has improved the appearance of my upper arms!”

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The ingredients in Avon’s Moisture Therapy Derma Restoring Body Scrub are –



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