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avon velvet perfume

Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum

Indulgence in the bold sensuality of Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum.

Velvet Eau de Parfum
Velvet Eau de Parfum

Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum is a perfume rich with possibilities. When you indulge in the bold sensuality of Velvet you can let your feelings unfold.

This lush, warm and decadent fragrance comes in a premium bottle topped with a velvet cap.  When sprayed, you’ll discover the exquisite blend of fig and pomegranate from the Mediterranean coastline, rose from Bulgaria and velvet patchouli from Java. The exotic ingredients in Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum create an elegant, long-lasting fragrance that you can wear all day and still smell amazing come evening.

The notes of Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum are –

  • Top Note: Luscious fig
  • Middle Note: Sumptuous Rose
  • Bottom Note: Warm Patchouli

Note From the Perfumer

“Velvet is crafted from the finest ingredients in the world — fig and pomegranate from the Mediterranean coastline, rose from Bulgaria and velvet patchouli from Java. These exotic ingredients create an elegant, long-lasting fragrance that captivates with its addictive femininity.” — Gabriela Chelariu, Perfumer

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Be sure to maximize this decadent scent by layering it with –

And whatever you do make sure you’re not making these mistakes when wearing your perfume!


Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum has a regular price of $30. Click here to check the current price and see if any special offers are available.


Avon Velvet Eau de Parfum currently has 42 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

5 Star

So Sexy – “I was looking for something warm and spicy as a gift to myself over the holiday season and had hoped that this scent would deliver. OMG! It is SO beautiful! It is NOT overpowering, but extremely warm and sensual, even a sexy scent! I’ve read some reviews that said it had no lasting power, but I’ve not had the problem. Where I, myself, might not still be able to smell the scent on myself, others have stopped me and asked what delightful fragrance I am wearing and commented on how wonderful it was! I, also, have always put a few spritzes of any fragrance I am wearing on my clothing, which helps if it fades off of my body before I can refresh. At any rate, Velvet is the most sensual perfume I’ve worn in a long time, and I LOVE it and will reorder!”

5 Star

A Multi-Faceted Scent – “This is a real “grown up”perfume! I find it changes on my skin as the hours progress. It starts out a fresh and spicy rose, then morphs to a smoky rose, then finishes as a strong and spicy oriental floral. I like the middle phase of the scent the best and wish it would stop there. But the final phase is good, too. It lasts on my skin at least 8 hours. I find for me, a little goes a long way. This reminds me of some of the sophisticated and strong fragrances of the 80s and 90s. Overall, I like it! I would use caution in applications where I will be in close quarters with others. It is perfect for this fall/winter season and for any occasion you want to make a little more special. Nicely done, Avon!”

5 Star

Unique Scent – “I just received this today, and tried it on my wrist. What a unique scent! I love how it is a perfect blend of sexy, sultry, woodsy, earthy, spicy and fresh. It truly has a multi-layering system to it. I’d say it would be best for fall and winter, but honestly–because it has so many layers of varying notes–it could be used for year round, day or night, casual or a night out on the town…and certainly a romantic night in. I am very happy I bought this. I am usually concerned with Avon scents, as many have been a hit or miss with me…but this one is a winner. Also, it lasts long (for me, anyway), and the bottle is gorgeous.”

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